Evolving Engineering

Evolving Engineering


We believe the engineering profession and all of its associated skill sets and abilities must play a vital role in addressing some of society’s grandest problems. There is an urgent and important need to evolve engineering. We must continuously A) develop a deepened shared understanding of the profession’s full potential, and B) take action to address the systemic challenges that have been holding the profession back.

It not only encourages engineers to “think big”, but also encourages other members of society like developing engineers, members of the education system, and multi-disciplinary industry professionals to challenge themselves and those around them to be open minded to seeing engineers as problem solvers.

Meet the Evolving Engineering (EE) Ryerson Task Force:

The EE task force is a group of individuals who hope to channel their passions and interests to create a shift of perception in regards to the engineering profession. 

  • Himel Don Khandker
  • Hasan Bhura
  • Yourdanos Tsegay
  • Tanzina Nowshin
  • Ruth Arunachalam

Want to join the task force? Join the #evolvingengineering channel on Slack to stay updated on what we are up to!

Change Lab:

EWB invests in a platform to facilitate collaborative progress by the Engineering Change Lab where multiple stakeholders come together to help define the profession.

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